Barnabas Brothers is a functioning division under Church Assistance Ministry (C.A.M.).  It exists to help the Church of Jesus Christ to multiply its impact in the world by providing leadership development services to mission and church leadership personnel wherever God gives them to serve. Even though Barnabas Brothers functions as a local autonomous ministry with its own leadership, the Presiding Director is a staff member of C.A.M. and works with and is accountable to this mission organization.


To multiply disciple-making pastors and leaders nationally and internationally who can develop life long encouraging relationships with those they mentor.


  •  The Director of Barnabas Brothers is accountable to both his Advisory Team as well as the leadership of Church Assistance Ministry.
  •  Seek to be consumed with a passion to fulfill the vision of partnering and encouraging pastors and church leaders to be faithful loving disciple-makers.
  •  Faithfully pray for those they serve.
  •  Meet at least quarterly to discus the advancement of their vision and monitor its progress.
  •  Attempt to keep the ministry vision-driven, personal and cost effective.
  •  Is committed to carry out the vision by adding or replacing any personnel so that it is able to keep the commitments it has made to others.


  • To teach essential historical biblical doctrines as imminently relevant in every culture.
  • To model loving sacrificial servant-hood to those seeking to fulfill their God-given Biblical vision.
  •  To build joyful encouraging Christian friendships as brothers and sisters of Christ
  •  To have a mind-set and life of multiplying disciples
  •  To serve only under the authority and the invitation of a qualified biblical mission or church organization


In 2001 Pastor Don Smith received an invitation to teach an intercession bible class at the Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines, an Evangelical Free Church institution. He sensed the potential of serving not only the school but pastors in the denomination after being asked to consider future ministry there by missionaries and school officials.

In 2008 Pastor Don made a vision trip to the Philippines where he met and discussed with the leadership of the Philippine Evangelical of the Philippines the possibilities of partnering with them to fulfill their vision.

Since then he has completed four years of ministry in the Philippines conducting two classes every year for four years.

Presently, he has duplicated this ministry model in China, Haiti and Peru.